What We're Doing to Protect Your Personal Information

What We're Doing to Protect Your Personal Information

October 04, 2023

Today’s technology makes our lives pretty convenient: just a few clicks to watch your favorite TV show, order takeout, shop, or catch up with friends on social media. But for all the convenience, there are challenges, too. It’s becoming increasingly common to hear about data breaches, online scams, and other negative experiences resulting from our widespread use of digital accounts and services. As financial professionals, it’s part of our job to help safeguard your financial future, and that includes any data you provide to us or that we pass back and forth. So, we wanted to inform you about the steps we’re taking, along with our Broker-Dealer firm, to keep your personal information secure.

  1. In our office, we maintain security best practices, including locking files and shredding any paper containing sensitive information.

  2. We will only take account instructions verbally, directly speaking with the actual account holder. Should we receive a voicemail message or an email (or other written request), we’ll always call you back to confirm your wishes. We will not proceed with any instructions until we’re able to connect with you personally.

  3. We’ve enhanced and upgraded our email capabilities with more robust encryption, authentication, and security monitoring.

  4. We utilize a multi-platform auditing and monitoring tool to help identify any security gaps in our existing systems.

  5. We have access to an expert team of cyber security consultants to help continue advancing and optimizing protective measures.

Let’s connect if you have any questions about cyber security or other ways you might want to take to protect your finances. As always, we’re here to help you and your family however we can.