04 June
Covid Retirement: How to Protect and Preserve Tax Free Retirement Income


Post COVID Retirement Strategies: how to protect and preserve tax-free retirement income.

With so much volatility in the markets and economic uncertainty about our futures, many people are feeling concerned or anxious about their plans for retirement.
We're putting on a series of webinars designed to help give us some guidance on a whole host of retirement planning topics.

We're going to be discussing things like how to design tax-efficient income in retirement, what you might be able to expect from Social Security, and how to make sure that you never run out of money or income in your retirement.

We're a boutique wealth management and financial planning firm with over 130 years of combined experience, helping clients plan for retirement through challenging difficult times like the one we're facing today. So please, come join us.
We hope that we can see you there and please be sure to register soon as space is limited.

The series begins with "Passport to Retirement" a guide to some important and relevant retirement planning challenges given market conditions.


In response to COVID conditions and restrictions, Bay Area Wealth Management Group, a privately-held wealth management firm headquartered in San Ramon, is launching a series of educational and topically urgent seminars to help clients and investors confront and effectively manage their financial planning and investment strategies.

Date and Time

Thu, Jun 04, 2020

12:00p - 1:00p PST


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