30 July
Shift Your Mood through Mindfulness


With so much added stress in our daily lives, we are having mindfulness expert Rik Isensee present this webinar to our clients. Rik will provide some easy mindfulness tips to help you “shift your mood” when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. He’ll take us through a guided meditation, share his FIRE Wisdom approach to tap into your own internal wisdom, plus address any questions you may have about integrating this practice into your daily life.

Rik is a licensed psychotherapist and a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. He taught a mindfulness class for several semesters through Psychological Services at City College of San Francisco. He’s the author of Shift Your Mood: from Reactive to Mindful.

For more information about Rik and Mindfulness in general, you can check out his website:

Date and Time

Thu, Jul 30, 2020

12:00p - 1:00p PST




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